Elevator pitch rescue

Are you giving an important pitch next week that you’re just not satisfied with?

I’ll work intensively with you and your team to perfect the pitch before the big day. No matter what state it’s currently in, together we’ll make sure you win the sale.

End your elevator pitch on a high - leave them wanting more

End your elevator pitch on a high - leave them wanting more


  • Intense focus - Intensive, dedicated coaching to hone a specific presentation, such as:
    • Keynote speech
    • Sales or investment pitch
    • Press conference
    • Shareholder meeting
  • Natural English – Nothing distracts an audience faster than language that is clumsy or incorrect. I will make sure your presentation is not only grammatically correct, but sounds smooth and natural to an English speaker.
  • Narrative structure – I will help you fine-tune the structure of your presentation to make your story concise and crystal clear for your audience.
  • Powerful delivery – We will rehearse your presentation together as many times as necessary, focusing on your oratory style to make your presentation smooth and engaging without being mechanistic.
  • Question and answer drills – Rigorous question and answer drills so that you can pre-empt your audience’s questions and perfect your answers.
PowerPoint - why less is more

PowerPoint - why less is more


  • Fresh perspective – To really understand why a pitch isn’t working, we need to look at it from a fresh perspective and be willing to overhaul the entire structure if necessary.  This can be painful in the short term, but always ends up with far better results.
  • Constant feedback - I will provide you with feedback on your performance throughout the preparation and practice process, not just at set intervals. It is much easier to focus on one small improvement at a time than trying to change everything at once.
  • Video recording – We will record you in action during the course and analyse the results together. This is the single most effective way to make sure your pitch is hitting the right notes.
Give your elevator pitch a hook - capture your audience

Give your elevator pitch a hook - capture your audience


  • Urgency – Rescue your pitch’s chance of success, regardless of how soon is the big day.
  • Translation – Ensure your presentation sounds natural for an English-speaking audience.
  • Precision – Structure your message to say exactly what you need to, and nothing more.
  • Inspiration – Master theatrical techniques to engage and inspire your audience, regardless of your topic.


Fix it now

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