Elevator Pitch boot camp

Do you sell to clients through a pitch or presentation?

Transform your team's pitching power with my intensive boot camp training and don't miss out on a single sale. Whether you are presenting to a new client or a panel of seasoned investors, it is vital to make your pitch powerful, concise and compelling: every time.

Whether you want a half-day or a full 2 days' training, I'll tailor the programme to the specific needs of your team. I suggest we work with:


Memorise your elevator pitch (without sounding like a droid)

Memorise your elevator pitch (without sounding like a droid)

Content and structure

  • “Aha!” moments - How to choose only the best content to include
  • The hook – How to grip your audience from the first 10 seconds
  • Credibility – How to quickly gain your audience’s trust and respect
  • Conclude powerfully  – How to end on a high note, at the right time, and with a clear call to action
  • Structure intelligently – How to structure presentations differently to inform or persuade
  • Narrate like a storyteller – How to master the principles of storytelling to engage your audience from start to finish
Visual aids - how to harness the power of PowerPoint

Visual aids - how to harness the power of PowerPoint


  • Body language – How to command your stance, gestures and eye contact to connect directly with your audience
  • Voice – How to maintain your audience’s attention by using theatrical techniques to vary your speech, maximise your projection and pause in the right moments
  • Visual aids – How to make PowerPoint your magic wand, not your walking stick  



  • Tailored content – By meeting with you early on, I will ensure that the boot camp is tailored to meet your business's most pressing needs.
  • Authentic confidence - Everyone who works with me has their own unique speaking style, and my focus is on giving participants the confidence and expert techniques to build on their own strengths, not to try and fit a set "formula".
  • Dual focus – By focusing not just on delivery, but on content and structure at the same time, I eliminate the counterproductive traditional separation between speech-writing and performing.
  • Theoretical foundation – Although pitching is a practical skill, it is useful to understand the historical roots of public speaking, from Aristotle’s rhetoric to the rationalism of Descartes and Ramus.
  • Practical application – To avoid ‘dusty binder syndrome’ (where participants receive lots of theory but don't get time to apply it), techniques are reinforced throughout the training with exercises linked to participants' current work.
  • Video recording – I record participants in action during the boot camp and we analyse the results together. Although it can seem daunting for first-time presenters, this is the single most effective way to improve pitching skills.
Stand-up comedy - how word order will give your elevator pitch more punch

Stand-up comedy - how word order will give your elevator pitch more punch



  • Professional success – Give yourself the best chance of winning every opportunity, whether you are giving a client presentation or an investment pitch.
  • Authentic confidence – Lose your fear of public speaking, and accept that you don't need to perfect every line to fascinate your audience.
  • Precision - Structure your message to say exactly what you need to, and nothing more.
  • Inspiration – Master theatrical techniques to engage and inspire your audience, regardless of your touppic


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