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You know already know what social chemistry feels like: it happens every time you ‘click’ with someone in a conversation. It usually happens at a party, or at a dinner organised by a friend.

But in the business world we find it much harder. Words like ‘networking’ make the process sound alien and artificial. In my dynamic and entertaining seminar, your team will discover a different way of networking, connecting authentically and meaningfully with colleagues and clients. 

Networking myths - they're  not  all staring at you

Networking myths - they're not all staring at you


  • Myths and fears – How to dismiss immediately the misconceptions that hold you back from making real connections.
  • Choose intelligently – How to approach the right people to reach your goals.
  • Make an impression – How to be the person that everyone remembers (for the right reasons!)
  • Connect naturally - How to engage people authentically and avoid coming across as a “user”.
  • Nurture the relationship – How to transform an initial contact into a strong relationship that helps both of you.
Make networking interesting - ask open questions

Make networking interesting - ask open questions


  • Tailored content – By meeting with you early on, I can ensure that the seminar is tailored to address your team’s specific concerns about networking.
  • Authentic confidence - Everyone who works with me has their own unique networking style, and my focus is on giving participants the confidence and expert techniques to build on their own strengths, not to try and fit a set "formula".
  • Practical application – To avoid ‘dusty binder syndrome’ (where participants receive lots of theory but don't get time to apply it), techniques and principles are reinforced throughout the seminar with interactive exercises linked to participants' current networking goals.
  • Constant feedback - I will provide participants with feedback on their performance throughout the seminar. It is much easier to focus on one small improvement at a time than trying to change everything at once.
Focus while you're networking - choose when to deal with your notifications

Focus while you're networking - choose when to deal with your notifications


  • Professional success – Seize the best opportunities, which almost always come from a conversation with the right person.
  • Authentic confidence – Gain the strength to show other people the real you, which is the one they’ll connect with, rather than one which is sterile or over-professionalised.
  • Long-lasting relationships – Learn to transform initial contacts into enduring connections that will help you far into the future, and possibly when you least expect it.


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