For everyone:

Most of us are totally comfortable communicating with our friends and family, but are left cold at the thought of making polite conversation at a business event, speaking in public or trying to persuade someone to do or buy something.

It is my view that the key to doing well in the above situations, and having fun while doing so, is confidence. With practical advice and scenario-based practice, I encourage the groups and individuals I work with to subtly reframe their thinking and dramatically improve their ability to connect with others.


For Spanish professionals:

Many Spanish professionals have an excellent level of written and spoken English, but struggle to make the natural connection with potential clients or their multi-national head office that a native English speaker could. 

I can help you excel above your competitors by strengthening your confidence communicating in English in the situations that most affect the success of your work: whether that is public speaking, networking with others, or making sales.


Matt Boardman

A graduate of Cambridge University, I have specialised in leadership development consulting for Deloitte for two and a half years, and for five years have delivered training in public speaking, building relationships and influencing techniques to charity volunteers in the UK, Kenya and Uganda. In my spare time I do stand-up comedy.

I am based in Madrid and London.

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